Pictured above is Ireland’s Number 1 bull available for Terminal Index standing in Irish AI, Carillon du Pont de Messe (CPW). Semen price is only €8.

Bova AI have the top 3 Aberdeen Angus bulls available for Terminal Index as follows;

Number 1: Bova Lord Blackwood (S868)

Number 2: Lanigan Red Deep Canyon (ZLL)

Number 3: Westellen Diego (WZG)

Bova also have the following top ranking bulls;

Number 1 Aubrac bull available for Terminal Index Despagnou (DPZ).

Top 2 high reliability commercially available Limousin bulls for Terminal Index;

Dahlia (DHL) and Towthorpe Dubai (THZ).

Top high reliability Parthenaise bull for Terminal Index, Lisnagranchy Carlo (LRY).

Number 1 Salers bull for Terminal Index, Vaillant (VTA).

Number 1 Simmental for Terminal Index, Lisnacran Sunnyboy (S1624).

Number 1 Speckled Park for Terminal Index, Ballylough Warrior (WRO).

Pictured below is Towthorpe Dubai (THZ), Ireland’s easiest calving Limousin bull with high Terminal index for use on heifers, 4.7% Calving Difficulty @ 98% reliability.