DOB: 19.03.2009

Herd Book No : FR1933412191

AI Code: ECR

Breeder:  Gaec Bourbouloux, Saint Ybard, France


Ecrin Sire: Abricot Grand Sire: Talonier
Grand Dam: Pola
Dam: Alma Grand Sire: Talonier
Grand Dam: Pomme


  • Ecrin was purchased alongside his dam at Brive show 2009 on the strength of his style, muscle and his outstanding mother.
  • His dam, Alma, is part of the Bourbouloux show team
  • Abricot is herd sire for the Bourbouloux herd.
  • Ecrin has phenomenal width, growth and length.
  • He has a very strong wide top-line and excellent function.
  • His temperament is amazing!
  • Excellent figures.
  • Strongly recommended for pedigree use.
  • Very good reports of first calves.
  • An Abricot son has been retained as a herd sire for Mr Bourbouloux.


ICBF Proof

Additional Pictures


Ecrin’s dam Alma

Abricot son

Abricot son

Ecrin pedigree son

Ecrin pedigree son

Ecrin pedigree son 2

Ecrin purebred son

Ecrin commercial son

Ecrin commercial son aged 7 months

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