DOB: 29.01.2008
Herd Book No : FR2138112802
AI Code: AKA
Breeder:  Michel Cortot, Marcilly et Dracy, France


Dakar Sire: Valium
Grand Sire: Royal
Grand Dam: Routine
Dam: Torpille
Grand Sire: Joyeux
Grand Dam: Reine


  • Exceptional Culard with undisputed style.
  • Excellent hind quarter development.
  • Superb muscling combined with light bone.
  • Fantastic temperament.
  • Good length and a super topline.
  • Extremely good cross on Aubrac and Saler cows.
  • Excellent Culard Charolais with exceptional muscling.
  • Very good satisfaction with calves.
  • Son pictured at 3 months sold for €1,250.
  • Dakar is average for calving.
  • Not eligible for pedigree breeding.


ICBF Proof

Additional Pictures

Dakar bull

Dakar bull 3 months by SM dam


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