Atlantic Red


DOB: 28.04.2011

Herdbook Number: IE201334761268

AI Code: S1263

Breeder: Morsan Farms, Alberta, Canada.

Beta Casein:


100% Holstein


Mapleridge Atlantic Red ET EX90 TV TY Sire: MD-Delight Durham Atlas ET Grand Sire: Regancrest Elton Durham ET
Grand Dam: MD Delight Strm Amberlee ET
Dam: Stonden Fools Gold Red VG88 Grand Sire: Braedale Goldwyn
Grand Dam: Marktwain Lee Diana

Sire: MD Delight Durham Atlas ET

Dam: Stoneden Fools Gold Red

MGS: Braedale Goldwyn

MGD: Marktwain Lee Diana 305 6,881kgs Milk 3.7% Fat 3% Pr

MGGS: Comestar Lee ET

MGGD: Marktwain Charles Dixie EX90 10,221kgs Milk 3.9% Fat 3.1% Prot


    • Red and white Atlas son from a Red & White Goldwyn & White Lee x Red and White Charles.
    • Early daughters beginning to calve and looking well.
    • Atlantic Red has the Rosabel Factor or the Variant Gene as some call it, ie half of his progeny are red and white regardless of parentage.
    • Rosabel Factor/Variant Gene is in worldwide demand through Atlantic Red and some of his brothers.
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    ICBF Proof


    Additional Pictures

    Stoneden Fools Gold Red



    Dam: Stoneden Fools Gold Red










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