DOB: 20.01.2009

Herd Book No : FR7121479760

AI Code: ELR

Breeder:  Earl Bernigaud Jacky, Charolles,France


Eclair Sire: Amont
Grand Sire: Rutillant RJ
Grand Dam: Suzy
Dam: Agile RJ
Grand Sire: Petin RR3 P
Grand Dam: Paniere RJ


  • Excellent hind quarter development.
  • Superb muscling.
  • Very good temperament.
  • Good length and a super topline.
  • Total outcross pedigree.
  • Dam has very good milk.
  • Sire “Amont” produced sons and daughters with exceptional shape, style and correct feet and legs.
  • They have strong toplines, fantastic ends and great breed character.
  • Eclair has made a name for himself amongst pedigree and commercial showmen.
  • His progeny have very good thickness of hindquarter, strong toplines and great breed character.
  • His first calves slaughtered weighed incredibly well with excellent carcass traits.
  • A commercial heifer bought by Mr Eamon O Donovan was 1st prize and Champion at numerous Summer 2013 shows.
  • Use to improve muscling and style.
  • Average calving difficulty.


ICBF Proof

Additional Pictures

Eclair head

Eclair head

Eclair commercial bull 6 weeks

Eclair commercial bull 6 weeks.


ELR commercial heifer

Eclair commercial heifer owned by Eamon O Donovan –

1st prize and Champion @ numerous Summer shows 2013


ELR commercial heifer end

Eclair commercial heifer end.

Eclair heifer 3 months

Eclair commercial heifer pictured @ 8 weeks


Eclair end shot Jan 2010

Eclair end


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