Gamin Jan 15


DOB: 23.09.2011

Herd Book No : FR1935129486

AI Code: ZGM

Breeder:  Gaec Elevage Mazaud, Chamberet, France


Gamin Sire: EdelweisMN RRE VS Grand Sire: Vercors RRE VS
Grand Dam: Tulipe RRE
Dam: Belette Grand Sire: Ionesco RRM
Grand Dam: Ulette


  • Gamin is by the noted weanling specialist EdelweisMN RRE VS.
  • Edelweiss’s stamp is early muscle  throughout his calves in the Mazaud herd.
  • EdelweisMN has a phenomenal overall index (ISEVR) of 146 in France.
  • EdelweisMN is arguably the most consistent producer of shape currently in France.
  • EdelweisMN semen is not available.
  • EdelweisMN RRE VS (Current figures Oct 2014)
  • IFN    CR    DM    DS    FOS    ISEVR105     128   135     112    88      146
  • Gamin stands out for his incredible muscling, exceptional correctness and sheer style.
  • His Linear is outstanding scoring a massive 95 for muscle, however he also scores 78 for skeletal.
  • Gamin has an incredible depth of hindquarter and excellent muscling throughout the loin.
  • He displays perfect locomotion and is very strong on top.
  • Gamin’s pedigree is steeped in stars like EdelweisMN, Vercors, Neuf, Ionesco, Moero and Mas du Clo.
  • Bova believe Gamin to be our heaviest muscled Limousin bull purchased to-date!
  • Gamin’s calves are extremely consistent like his sire.
  • They are easily calved and are exceptionally quiet.
  • They have early shape, excellent muscling throughout, style, length, weight and excellent function.
  • Gamin has excellent BLUP’s and indexes himself.
  • Highly recommended for pedigree use.
  • Gamin is in popular demand from pedigree and commercial breeders alike.


ICBF Proof

Additional Pictures


Sire – EdelweisMN

Edelweiss end Aug 12

EdelweisMN end

Bova Joule Jul 14

Gamin daughter Bova Joule pictured at 4 months

Gamin Aug 14

Gamin pictured at 2.5 years

Bova Justice Jul 14

Gamin son Bova Justice pictured at 5 months

Bova Jewel

Gamin daughter Bova Joule pictured at 3 months

Bova Jackie - Gamin son

Gamin son Bova Jackie pictured @ 5 months

Bova Jewel

Gamin daughter Bova Jewel pictured at 6 months

Bova Justice Sept 14

Gamin son Bova Justice pictured at 8 months

Gamin commercial bull x Pontium dam 5 months

Gamin commercial bull pictured @ 5 months

Bova Jackie

Gamin son Bova Jackie pictured @ 5 months 


 Gamin pictured @ 8 months 

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