Garou Dec 12


DOB: 03.03.2011

Herd Book No : FR1531207988

AI Code: GQZ

Breeder: Elevage Roussel, Veyrieres, France.


Garou Sire: Attila INV Grand Sire: Splendide JV
Grand Dam: Touraine MTL
Dam: Bataille MGV Grand Sire: Oliver RRL
Grand Dam: Royale MTL


  • Garou is sired by the noted Attila who has bred fantastic bulls and heifers in Mr Roussel’s herd.
  • Attila has exceptional production in France and his progeny are much sought after.
  • Semen from Garou has been re-exported back to France.
  • Garou’s pedigree is top class including the famous Royale cow family from Roussel and Herve from Mr Vantal.
  • Garou is very well muscled, very correct and has an amazing temperament.
  • His performance is outstanding with excellent breed character as seen below.
  • He has an excellent pelvic area.
  • Garou is highly recommended for pedigree or  commercial use.
  •  Garou’s first crop of calves are easily born and have excellent performance.
  • Garou’s calves ooze style, have excellent temperament and are very well muscled.
  •  DM 73 DS 76 AF 75 QR 21
  •  120 day weight 212kgs
  •  210 day weight 338kgs


ICBF Proof

Additional Pictures

Attila daughter 2 months

Attila daughter pictured at 2 months.

Garou heifer x Navarin dam 1

Garou commercial heifer x Navarin dam bred by Mr John Egerton. 

Garou heifer x Navarin dam 2

Garou commercial heifer pictured @ 12 months. 

Garou heifer

Garou commercial heifer x Finch dam

Garou heifer x Navarin dam 3

Garou commercial heifer.

Garou heifer x Navarin dam 4

Garou commercial heifer

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