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Bova AI top the Replacement Index in latest Proof Run.



Bova AI have the Number 1, 2, 3 and 4 bulls available for Replacement Index.

We have 6 out of the top 10 bulls available for Replacement Index.

They are as follows;

Number 1: Bova Lord Blackwood (S868)

Number 2: Lanigan Red Deep Canyon (ZLL)

Number 3: Westellen Diego (WZG)

Number 4: Vaillant (VTA) – Number 1 Salers bull available for Replacement Index.

Number 7: Lisnacran Sunnyboy […]

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Red Fraiko Daughter

De Volmer Warsi 5. (Fraiko x Snowman x Ramos)vShe is the #3 gNVI Red heifer in the Netherlands as well as being the #1 RZG Red Fraiko daughter of the breed with a GTPI > 2250 and in Canada a DGV of over 3000. Owned by Diamond Genetics, NL

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Classification Result

Earlier this week, we had a classification and FRAIKO is now EX91 and CENTURION, VG87 2yr

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National Dairy Show Champion 2014

At the recent Irish National Dairy Show in Millstreet, the Mr Minister daughter, Glaslough Miss Petra, EX93 became the Grand Champion. Congratulations to her breeders and owners, David & Kenneth Boyd.

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